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Duration: 10 days
Location: Kanas
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The Kanas Lake is known for its bright and colorful scenery. On Lake Kanas, the fog, birch, firs and multi-colored lake water constantly reform the scenery, but there's no need to be surprised or wait around for something to happen, as the lake always continues to present these amazing sceneries that appear and disappear, although never in the same place or manner.

Day 1

Arrive in Urumqi, Xinjiang


Our guide will welcome you at Urumqi train station or Airport / Drive to hotel in Urumqi.

Urumqi is a city where all kinds of nomads congregate, and also the largest concentration of gragrances in the ancient Western Region. People say that a vast region and strong challenge to survival lead men to be highly motivated, and women to be fond of beatuiful adornments and enticing perfumes. These are characteristics of the city to this day. Urumqi is complicated -coarse and fine, intense and mild, southern accent with norhern inflection – a place where all these things can be felt.







Meals: No

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Urumqi.

Urumqi International Bazaar


Day 2

Drive to Karamay city.

World ghost city.

We begin our Kanas private tour at the time you requested, after check out hotel in Urumqi, we drive to Karamay city. After lunch at local best restaurant we will drive to the World Ghost City. Located in the Urho District of Karamay, these mountains are known as “sulmuhaq” in Mongolian and “shaitan kersi” in Kazakh, both words meaning “devil’s mountain”. From a scientific perspective, although the “city” has no ghost in it, as wind blows through the mountains, it kicks up dust and sand, darkening the skies and ground for an eerie apperance. Strong winds produce a mournful sound, like the cries of ghosts. Moonlight only adds to the eerie effect, casting frightening and flickering shadows.


Meals: B, L

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Karamay

World Ghost City

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Day 3

Drive to Burqin, after lunch drive to Kanas.

Rainbow town.

After check out the hotel, we drive to Burqin. Burqin(Buerjin) is an exquisite little town, 700 kms north of Urumqi, one is confronted with the dreary sight of the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert. When the car reaches the nexus of the Ertix and Burqin Rivers, a great green oasis appears, one that even contains a small city covered in verdant hues. The Ertix and Burqin rivers reflect its beauty in their rippling surfaces. This is where the gods of the Altay Mountains live, and is full with a kind of fairy-tale like charms. In the eyes of Xinjiang people, it is a mythical place.

You will see different shape and color landscape in Rainbow town. Yardang landform is an artwork carved by wind, a legacy of time. Wind is a great sculptor, carving the exposed earth of wastelands and the forms of mountains into every kind of odd shape, such as castles of medieval times, of lifelike sculptures. In the shapes of the ghost city, you can see all kinds of forms: humans, animals, buildings, cities, trees…

After visit rainbow town, we will drive to Kanas.

Meals: B

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Kanas.

Rainbow town

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Day 4

Kanas Day Tour.

Kanas National Forest Park.

After breakfast, we will visit Kanas, it is known as “the swizterland in China”. Located over 200 km northwest and in the boundary of Burqin County, Altay. This morainal lake is about 10 times larger than Tianchi(Heavenly Lake), hides itself in the depths of Altay Mountain. The snow melts and flows into the Kanas River, and forms the “Kanas” Lake in the lower reaches. It is 1,374 meters above sea level, 24 km in length and 1.6-2.9 km in width, covering an area of more than 40 sq km. The deepest place is 177.5 meters. “Kanas” means “beautiful, fertile and mysterious” in Mongolian. Its primitive landscape attracts a lot of tourists in spite of the long distance. The Kanas Lake has been listed as a state nature reserve.

The Kanas Lake is known for its bright and colorful scenery. Tourists can climb to the Guanyu(Fish-Watching) Pavilion on the top of Halate Mountain, 2,030 meters above sea level, in the early morning and enjoy the beautiful sight of the lake. The lake looks like a huge mirror, rippling sometimes and reflecting the sunlight irrgularly. Standing there, you can look into the distance and see the Youyi(Friendship) Peak standing 4,347 meters above sea level on the Sino-Russian border.

Moon bay(Yueliangwan) is the highlight of Kanas beautiful senery. The lake is like a half moon slowly running through the forest, the color of water changees all the time. It’s really a pleasant thing to hike along the lake.


Meals: B

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Kanas

Kanas Lake – Moon Bay

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Day 5

Kanas half-day Tour, drive to Hemu

Kanas half-day tour. Shenxianwan bay. Hemu Village.

After check out the hotel, we will visit Kanas again for half day. Lake Kanas is a rain factory, espcially in autumn, when the sky resembles a clean basin that occasionally leaks water. Of course, often and seemingly for no reason, rain bursts forth. There’s no need to run from this kind of rain as it will stop before one can find shelter, as if it has been ordered to stop- everything goes back to normal quickly.

A Dreamy Shenxianwan bay: Thick white mist flickers over a dark blue lake, which makes people wonder: Is it rising from the lake, or is it descended clouds? Through the mist, a splash of gorgeous color appears on the mountain. I suddenly start to feel that Kanas’ Fairy Bay is like an entrapping paradise, making you want to keep your eyes open to watch, or close them to slip into dreams.


Meals: B

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Hemu

Kanas Lake-September

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Day 6

Hemu day tour

Hemu village, Old bridge milk tea house.

A free day at Hemu village. Some people say that Hemu is a place forgotten by God. It sits quietly under Friendship Peak, along the bank of the Kanas River. It doesn’t have any brick or concrete structures, with the paved road stopping at the entrance to the village. The village has refused tarmac and concrete, and the smell of dung drifts between the houses, all the color of wood. This “natural” village emits smoke from its chimneys even during the desolate fall and winter seasons, like some kind of fairy tale.






Meals: B

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Hemu village.

Hemu village river


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Day 7

Drive to Beitun town

Drive to Beitun town.

After check out from Hemu village villa, we drive to Beitun, a town 90km from Burqin. Beitun means “cold” in Mongolian, and although its name in Chinese resembles that of a village in the northeast of China, and it formerly resembled a village in scale. When it became a city, the cold wind from the Gobi Desert immediately turned to be a mild song. Beitun isn’t very cold, and is said to be the pearl of the Northern Xinjiang ” Golden Triangle”. It resembles a pleasant village, and leaves passers-by with an impression of closeness.


Meals: B

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Beitun

Hemu village

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Day 8

Drive to Keketokay.

Keketokay(Keketuohai) national forest park.

After check out hotel at Beitun, we drive to Keketokay national forest park. The Keketokay(Keketuohai or Koktokay) is located in Fuyun County of Altay, Xinjiang, resembles an eye, with a wide orbit of a few hundred kilometers. It has long eyelashes, those of dense forests. Its pupil is bright – that which makes it shine so brightly is its true treasure. A proverb says: “The Altay Mountains have 72 gorges, and in each one there is gold.” The Altay area in Xinjiang has been called the “golden mountains and silvery water”. “Altay| in Mongolian means “golden mountain”, and they have been mined since the Han Dynasty – in the Qing Dynasty, up to 50,000 people were involved in the activity. The No.3 mine at Koktokay alone has hidden within it sapphires and over 70 other kinds of mineral products. It has been called a museum of rare and precious natural resources.


Meals: B

Accommodation:  local best hotel in Koktokay.

Koktokay forest

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Day 9

Drive to Urumqi(500km).

No.3 Mine.

After check out hotel, visit No.3 mine in Koktokay town. No.3 secret mine is found in 1935 by a local people, the mining began after the PRC found. Expers from USSR came to Koktokay and worked with Chinese workers in the mine. More than 50 years, the 250 meters hill changed into a 150 meters deep pit. No. 3 mine is unique in China and rare in the world. It is as famous as the world’s most famous Canadian belnick lake mine. It is recognized as the “natural geological museum” in the global geological circle.

Drive back to Urumqi, simple lunch at small town on the road, arrive at hotel in Urumqi around dinner time.



Meals: B

Accommodation:  Star-rated hotel in Urumqi

No.3 secret mine

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Day 10

Fly home

 Depart from Urumqi airport.

Airport private transfer service, service end.


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