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Duration: 4 days
Location: East Xinjiang, Jiangburak, Heavenly Lake
Price: $599
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In Xinjiang, grasslands are the boundary between the forests and deserts, covered in countless blades of shaggy grass. The story that starts with one blade of grass continues throughout the land.

Day 1

Arrive in Urumqi, Xinjiang


Our guide will welcome you at Urumqi train station / airport. Private transfer from airport to hotel.

Urumqi, also known as Wulumuqi, The capital city of Xinjiang region, has the most interesting provincial museum, muslim street food and international grand bazaar. It’s a modern city with 3 million people, they are hans, uyghurs, kazak, huis and mongols. Enjoy a day trip with an excellent local guide, you could know a lot about these interesting people.




Meals: B

Accommodation:  Local best hotel in Urumqi

Urumqi local restaurant


Day 2

Jiangburak Tour

Jiangburak Grassland.

We begin our private Jiangburak grassland tour at the time you requested, Jiangburak is a Kazakh word which means “sacred spring” or “spring of life”. Situated in the mountains of the southern region of Banjiegou Township in Qitai County, the area has magnificent fields, mysterious slopes, mystical rings of odd rocks, the famous “singing slopes”, a sage’s cave, the Wuge Springs and the “couple pines” among other sites. Snowy peaks, highlands, mountain ranges, immense forests, mountain springs, lakes, grasslands, flowers, oxen, lambs and yurts… All of these things exist in a pristine natural state and accent the unique beauty of the high grasslands.


Meals: B

Accommodation:  Local best hotel in Jiangburak

Jiangburak grassland

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Day 3

Heavenly Lake Tour

Tianshan Tianchi Lake.

We drive back to Tianshan Tianchi Lake(Heavenly lake), spend a day sightseeing around the lake. Originally called the “Adobe of Immortals”, Tianshan Tianchi(Heavenly Lake in the Heavenly Mountains”) is situated beneath the Bogda Peak of the Tianshan Mountains, within the borders of Fukang County. A morainic lake(drift-dam lake), it was formed through glacial activity more than two million years ago during the Quaternary Period, and is encircled by mountains on three sides, with its north side dammed by a natural barrier, and is half-moon-shaped. It is one of the highest mountain lakes in the world. Legend holds that it was the silver mirror on the dressing table of the Queen Mother of the West, or her bathtub, or the site at which the Monkey King(protagonist in the classic novel Journey to the West) stole and ate the peach of immortality.

Meals: B

Accommodation: local best hotel in Tianchi Lake

Heavenly lake

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Day 4

Drive back to Urumqi, fly home

Drive back to Urumqi airport.

We drive back to Urumqi airport. Service end.






Meals: B

Accommodation: No

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