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Duration: 1 day
Location: Kashgar
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Kashgar's distance lies in the curiosity it has forged in an equivalent period of time; its mystery lies in the thoughts that this curiosity has provoked in the minds of observers. Its history lie in both the existence and lock of clarity within the dimensions of time and space.

Day 1

Kashgar Tour,Xinjiang


Our guide will welcome you at Kashgar train station / Drive from Kashgar airport to the Kashgar city.

Kashgar Old Town, Id gar Mosque, Apak Hoja’s Tomb, Kashgar Grand Bazaar

Kashgar, also known as Kashi, located in the southwest of Xinjiang. Kashgar(Kashi) is China’s westernmost frontier city of strategic importance and is also one of the famous Islamic cities in the world. It is also famous for its history and Uyghur people.

Our tour would start with sightseeing in Old town, enjoy tea break and dance with locals, know more about uyghur people’s lifestyle and culture. Most of the old streets in Kashgar radiate from the 500-year-old Id Kah Mosque, which lies at the center of the large fanning network. The lanes on the plateau carved by the Tuman River, the site of the former palace, are mostly populated by businessmen and craftspeople. What is now known as the high cliff residential area, Koziqiyabixi lies in the southeast of the old city, and is more than 40 meters high and 800 meters long. Visit Mosque Id gar, one of the important historical heritages of the uyghur people, the word “Id gar” means a “Festival Plaza”. The mosque is not only a main place for Muslims to conduct regular religious activities, but also the center the kashgar, symbol of city.


Kashgar Old Town


Lunch in local people’s family and drive to Sunday Livestock market and Central Asia Sunday market to learn more about people and history, see local people busy shopping at the Xinjiang’s largest traditional market, selling all kinds of things and best place to meet local people. The bazaar is where pure Uyghur cuisine and cultural traditions are represented. Every bazaar day, Uyghurs come from all around, driving horse and donkey-driven carts, taking the village “buses” – it is a sight to see. The beautiful colors of wares laid out are of course complemented by the sight of the local beatuies. Visit Apak hoja’s family cemetery, The tomb of uyghur royal family are the typical Islamic style, also a historical witness to the multi-national interaction and harmony of cultures, and a symbol of national unity.

Our service ends when you arrive at when you reach the hotel you stay in Kashgar or Airport/Train station

Meals: B, L

Accommodation:  No

Uyghur Family Visit in Old town

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