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Duration: 1 day
Location: Urumqi
Price: $79
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In the Xinjinag Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum, there is a cute pullover girl's dress with a round collar. The dress is composed of components in red, light yellow, brown, blue and other colors, the pieces of which are geometrically arranged. The dress is well-preserved, and even after 2,500 years the colors are bright and the garment is fashionable.

Day 1

Urumqi,Xinjiang Tour


Our guide will welcome you at Urumqi/ Drive from the Hotel/Airport/Train Station in Urumqi.

Urumqi, also known as Wulumuqi, The capital city of Xinjiang region, has the most interesting provincial museum, muslim street food and international grand bazaar. It’s a modern city with 3 million people, they are hans, uyghurs, kazak, huis and mongols. Enjoy a day trip with an excellent local guide, you could know a lot about these interesting people.

We begin our private Urumqi city tour at the time you requested, after set out, we will travel to the Xinjiang Provincial Museum, which is located downtown, in the museum you will know the history and different ethnic group of Xinjiang people. Besides 30,000+ relics display in the museum, ancient mummies are the most famous.


Musuem silk road towns


After we finish visiting the museum, we will be on the way to the International Grand Bazaar. It is a huge market where local people and tourists would go for shopping. In the grand bazaar you could easily find good quality of local specialty. Your tour guide will give you a introduction about local productions such as nuts, dried fruit, silk and carpets. You could also have some authentic local food and snack in the food street.


Urumqi sight seeing tower


After the sight-seeing in bazaar is finished, we will drive to the Xinjiang Yema(Wild horse) base. It is an art museum with 300+ precious horses and 1000+ paintings. The owner is a local artist who spent 30+ years to collect all these art works. If you are interested in art works, this is a wonderful place to visit. After visiting the Yema Base, we will drive you to a nice local restaurant to help you with your dinner and send you back to your hotel.

The service ends when you arrive at the location you stay in Urumqi.

Meals: No

Accommodation: No

Yema base art museum


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